iSTOCK: The Ultimate Virtual Reality Gunstock

Introducing iSTOCK, the first one-handed gun stock for virtual reality gaming. With iSTOCK, you can experience the thrill of shooting with increased accuracy and stability, all while maintaining the mobility and flexibility of a single-handed setup.

Designed to work with Quest 2, Quest Pro, and HP Reverb G2, iSTOCK is the ultimate accessory for VR shooting games. Our patented link attachment connects your two VR controllers, giving you the added stability and accuracy of a traditional gun stock without sacrificing mobility.

As a sponsor of VREL, IVRL, and DubCity, iSTOCK is trusted by the biggest names in VR gaming. Join the elite ranks and upgrade your VR shooting experience with iSTOCK.

Order now and experience the future of virtual reality gaming.

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