iSTOCK VR Gunstock: Pixel-Precise Accuracy and Lightning-Fast Movements for Quest - Psvr2 - Index

Sale price$39.99

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Compatibility: Quest 2 & 3
Style: Right Handed
Extender: None

Reasons you need iSTOCK.
  • Pixel-perfect precision: Achieve unparalleled accuracy with every shot and enhance your flick aim consistency.
  • iSTOCK + Link: The Link assists with long-range shots without restricting your reloading or throwing. Avoid clunky magnets.
  • Extremely immersive: iSTOCK helps bring your games to life. Having a physical gunstock pressing into your shoulder unlocks a new level of realism and excitement when playing VR shooters.
  • Unrivaled comfort and longevity: Our 4 OZ gunstock ensures you stay comfortable and unrestricted during long gaming sessions.
  • Made from high-quality PLA Plus recyclable materials: Enjoy a durable and eco-friendly product. Lifetime warranty included with your gunstock.
  • Esports athletes trust this top-choice gunstock in competitive VR leagues like VREL, IVRL, VRML, and DubCity. 
  • Compatible with Oculus Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, Rift S, Quest Pro, Valve Index, PSVR2 and HP Reverb G2: Enjoy seamless compatibility with these popular VR headsets. (Note: Link Attachment does not work with Quest Pro. Controllers or safety straps not included.)


  • Outperform the competition in VR shooters: Gain a competitive edge with enhanced precision and speed.
  • Increase your rank: Improve your gameplay and climb the ranks.
  • Stay in the zone for hours: Play for extended periods without fatigue.
  • Join the pro gamers in competitive virtual reality leagues: Elevate your gaming skills and join the ranks of the best.

Elevate your VR gaming experience today with the iSTOCK VR Gunstock. Choose between Oculus Quest 2 and Valve Index compatibility and take your gameplay to the next level!

Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews

I have had this for about 3 months now this is the only vr gunstock i will use this is just perfect and they even sponsored me Thanks Istock

Matthew Gracie
Such a fantastic product!

I watch GLID on YouTube and he recommended this stock. I was unsure of how I would like it because I'm tall and it looked small and I honestly didn't know how strong it would be. I was pleasantly surprised with how durable and usable it is in multiple games. I play a lot of Onward, TAVR and Ghosts of Tabor. The one handed stock is great. I recommend this stock to anyone not just because of the product but the customer service is top notch. My first stock I received didn't fit my controller correctly so they shipped out a replacement immediately. I dont see myself getting a stock from anywhere else. Keep up the great work Istock!

Casey Ghysels
Too expensive for not enough

Having used the stock, it's not a very good one. No 2nd slot for the left controller, the stock itself feels waaaaay too short. Wouldn't recommend getting this stock.

Horrible quality

It was broke after one day it started cracking where the controller handle goes in. The material in which its made with isn't durable at all not good quality. I am actually going to figure out how to do a replacement order as we speak bc I paid over $40 and it's a price I could've ordered from temu and got better quality

Milk_ers Ballard
Great for someone wanting something similar

If you are new to the gun stock industry it’s a perfect option to get you used to the feel of a gun stock. Definitely recommend

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