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  • Obliterate the competition with the pixel precise accuracy of the iStock VR Gunstock. 
  • Remain lightning fast while reloading, throwing grenades, and switching to your sidearm.
  • Our patented one-handed design offers the highest mobility out of any VR gun stock on the market. Outplay your enemies and win every gunfight. Stay in the zone for hours without burning out. iStock remains the lightest out of any other VR gun stock while maintaining high durability
  • Perfect for first person shooters like Breachers, Contractors, Ghosts of Tabor, Population One, Onward, and Vail! Play among the pros! iSTOCK is the best choice for players in competitive VR leagues such as VREL, IVRL, VRML, and DubCity.
  • Made with premium PLA Plus recyclable materials right here in the USA!
  • Compatible Devices: For Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro
  • *Link Attachment does not work for Quest Pro. Controllers not included*

Shipping & Returns

Shipping time is about 3-5 days

Return iSTOCK 30 days after purchase if you are not satisfied. Please contact me for any questions.


Length: 15 Inches

Width: 1 Inch

Hight: 5 Inches


Push your VR controller into the Cup until the controller face is alined with the stock.

iSTOCK Link: Pull the Plastic fastner on the saftey strap until it is at the end of the string. Then push the plastic part into the Link slot and pull until it is secured inside. Youtube Tutorial

How to Calibrate your iSTOCK in game:

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Gameplay Video

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Adidas Rivera
Perfect for all Shooters!

This stock is perfect for all shooters, leaves your off hand completely free to reload, heal, open door or whatever while still providing that stabilization when trying to aim, also helps with the speed of drawing your weapon, and as a bonus it add to the immersion, This stock is especially perfect for Ghost of Tabor where you need your hand free to loot for goods. There’s even a provided link adapter that connects your controllers by the straps if you want to get more of a stiff long gun experience, The controller fits perfectly snug into the stock and as an added bonus my current knuckle straps were still compatible, i’ve noticed an obvious improvement in my aiming and weapon handling, I highly recommend this VR gun stock , I’ll never play another VR shooter without it

Identity Crisis VR
Perfect for fast paced games

I have been playing Breachers a lot and this little one handed stock works amazingly for these kind of games. Like any physical stock it takes some getting used too, but when you do the results are amazing. Happy VR shooting!

Elian Rojo



Love it!

Worth it

I’ve been using iStock for months even as a Rift player, the stock is made for quest 2 but I’ve made alterations to make it fit. It’s super fun to use and helps my game tremendously