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What gamers say about iSTOCK

Eniley Pulido

It's a good budget stock

The is good because my aiming accuracy has been much better because of it but the only bad thing for me is that not all games has the option to calibrate a physical stock so usually i have to tilt my head more to line up with the scope, but the stock itself in contractors for example is amazing when you calibrate it, but the rest of the shooters that I play still work with the stock.

David Burmann


Great stuff! Even though it only supports your main hand, the gain in stability and overall feel is awesome and leaves with freedom of movement.

Danielle Wemple

Teen loves it

My teen went back and forth on which one he wanted. He settled on this one. His friends, who had other designs, turned around and purchased this one.

Michael Higdon

Good stock

If you want your hands to be independent from a stock but still have stability when aiming, this is the stock for you. Definitely Improved my game since purchased.

Nathan Alexander Neal

Functionally, seems decent

...my quest 2 controller didn’t fit, as I slid it in, I barely applied any pressure and it fractured at the holding piece. That being said, it still functions as it’s intended. It’s not bulky very simplistic, but all you need is simplistic for the best un-intrusive experience...

Cameron Tye

Fantastic kit!

Great addition to any fps player

Kyle Hodges

Love it!

I wasn’t to sure with the grip being free standing but it’s been the best thing I’ve bought so far

Xavier McInturff

Absolutely amazing

Great customer service! I was given this product to do a video on, but in my honest opinion, I think it’s amazing. I wish they had a two point version instead of one that restricts your left hand movement but I absolutely love this product and I already got 2 to 3 of my friends to buy it


Amazing simple Stock

Is simple but amazing , the accuracy is much better and its so comfortable

First Person Shooter game, Accuracy Speed, Agility Mobility

Step 1

Remove From Packaging

First Person Shooter game, Accuracy Speed, Agility Mobility

Step 2

Insert Controller and Connect the Wrist Straps with the link attachment

Step 3

Dominate The Battlefield!

Maximum Stability

Our gunstock is built with a sturdy design to provide precise aiming and shooting stability.

Speed Reload

Enjoy quick and efficient reloading for dominance in FPS games.

Ultra Mobility

Experience unmatched mobility and a lightweight design for fast navigation in virtual worlds.


Enjoy a fatigue-free gaming experience with our comfortable and lightweight design.

Throw Freely

Throw freely and enjoy natural throwing motions for a seamless gaming experience.

iStock VR
iStock VR Gun Stock
Other VR
Other VR Gun Stock
Aim Stability Yes Yes
Aim Tracking Yes No
Full Mobility Yes No
Lightweight 0.25 LBS 2.4 LBS+
Price $49.99 $150+

Optimized for Virtual Reality First Person Shooters

Enhanced VR Experience for Meta Quest 2, Valve Index, and PSVR2

We strive to give passionate gamers like you the finest VR experience. Our gunstock is optimised for the Meta Quest 2 , PSVR2, and Valve Index VR headsets.

Our gunstock enhances Virtual Reality First Person Shooter games. When exploring immersive worlds of Meta Quest 2 or diving into intense battles with Valve Index, our gunstock is your ultimate companion.

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