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Kyle Hodges
Love it!

I wasn’t to sure with the grip being free standing but it’s been the best thing I’ve bought so far

William Fuchs
Breaks easily

It breaks easily it’s really good though I think it should be more durable

Amazing simple Stock

Is simple but amazing , the accuracy is much better and its so comfortable

Kaleb Jones
Weird shipping, but good Stock!

I ordered this and shipping was odd. It claimed it delivered in like a day after I ordered but I had no package, a couple days go by and it randomly shows up! I really like the stock, it's lightweight and so simple it never feels intrusive, you can still naturally use pistols, shoulder fired anything feels way better with that extra point of contact, and if you need your hands free you can just use your hands as normal since it's never in the way!

So if you're like me and shipping gets a little weird just give it a day or two, it's worth it!

It's worth noting I messaged the creator of the stock when I thought my package wasn't coming, they messaged back super quick and were willing to solve the issue with no hassle. 10/10 stuff!

Eniley Pulido
It's a good budget stock

The is good because my aiming accuracy has been much better because of it but the only bad thing for me is that not all games has the option to calibrate a physical stock so usually i have to tilt my head more to line up with the scope, but the stock itself in contractors for example is amazing when you calibrate it, but the rest of the shooters that I play still work with the stock.

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